• Shipping and Storage of Exhibition Equiptment
Shipping and Storage of Exhibition Equiptment

Shipping & storage of equipment

The nature of our work means we often find ourselves delivering multiple projects for our clients, often across different countries and continents!

As well as arranging shipping for show items we also offer a fully insured storage option to our clients, ensuring that anything that can be used again is stored safely and securely until it is needed.

As well as providing convenience and potential savings for our clients this also sits in line with our ethical standpoint to reuse what we can, when we can. The exhibition industry can be wasteful and we feel it is our responsibility to operate in a manner that is as green as possible by recycling over 90% of carpets, MDF materials and acrylics.

"We have been working with Carl for about 10 years across a wide variety of projects. Incredibly hard working, he always manages to deliver no matter what curved balls are thrown at him. He is the first person I call when I have an exhibition brief..."
  • Equiptment Storing Services
  • Equiptment Storing Services